Leverage our experience to deliver your customized mobile app

Hassle Free, Efficient and Cost Effective

Great mobile apps are more than lines of code. In order to deliver the highest performance, we have assembled a talented and experienced development team to drive your project from roadmap to launch on any platform. We’ll help you build custom apps with precise functional capabilities, reduce your operating costs and allow you to better engage with your customers like never before.

Apcurium can help you at every stage of your app development journey:


Business strategy and project roadmap


UX / UI Design


Engineering, Cross-platform Development and integration


Testing and Deployment


Maintenance and Support

Stretch your budget with flexible and scalable pricing

We offer a variety of pricing approaches and can adapt to meet your needs. You can select our fixed-price or time and materials engagements, which equally allow for hourly or daily rates which can be based on a particular resource or blended for an entire team.

Fixed-price model

Your project completed on time and on budget. We provide customers with a quote for their project that describes the scope and schedule in detail. The payment schedule for a fixed price agreement depends on project milestones and duration. This is the recommended model for mid-size projects, where the scope is defined and timelines are aggressive. This approach provides the highest level of cost certainty.

Time & materials development

A daily rate is used for each employee dedicated to the customer’s project. All invoices for this type of contract are accompanied by detailed timesheets. This model works best for mid-size and large projects which are dynamic and evolving. It provides the customer with maximum control over deliverables. This approach is the most cost-effective.

Throughout the project, our managers carefully monitor and manage all the work. We also provide tailored reporting and visibility into the progress of your project as milestones are achieved.

No two clients or projects are alike. Project evaluations are always based on in-depth discussions covering all aspects of your project so that we achieve success.