The Courier App

On-demand Personal Delivery and Errand Service

Project objective

Provide an Uber-like experience app and service for errands or package pick-up and delivery. The Courrier App was designed to enable a personalized courier service to increase scheduling flexibility while decreasing costs with a simple uber-like, free app.


The Courrier App enables users to schedule a pick-up and deliver it at a convenient time right from their smartphone. Users’s can also authorize drivers to make payments on their behalf. It’s never been easier to send a parcel, or schedule the delivery of store bought items you can’t easily bring home yourself. The vehicle selection ranges from a bicycle to a cube van, letting you ship anything from an envelope to a giant flat screen television. For maximum exposure and to get the Courrier App in everyone’s hands, it features a slick referral program, letting users get cash back for their word of mouth.


  • Easy secure login with email and password
  • GPS to localize pick-up and delivery addresses
  • Real-time progress tracking
  • Immediate delivery cost estimate
  • Push notification of reservation confirmation and vehicle identification
  • Pre-authorized payments for errands paid by driver
  • Bills right to your credit card


Strategy, design, engineering, integration, test & deploy, publish to App Store, support & maintenance, lifecycle management


English, French