To be able to use Xamarin for developing multi-platform apps. Promote sharing of code accross different platforms. Promote and implement User Experience (UX) best practices. At the end of the session, participants will use the Xamarin platform to develop their own native mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Course Details

This class introduces the concept of sharing code across platforms using PCLs and SAPs. Cross Platform support is one of the main strengths of Xamarin – learn how to use Xamarin and see concepts and APIs that are usable across all the three dominant mobile platforms (iOS, Android and Windows Phone).


Matthieu Guyonnet-Duluc

Matthieu has more than 14 years’ experience in software development in France and in Quebec. He started his career developing customer service web solutions using Java.

Matthieu then came to Quebec six years ago and decided to pursue his interest for .NET, while developing competencies with Silverlight, Windows Phone and Windows Universal app.

Passionate about Mobile technologies, he joined Apcurium in 2012, as Software Architect and as Lead Developer for Mobile apps. Matthieu teaches various workshops such as J2EE, WPF, NHibernate, C# and of course, Xamarin.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Xamarin and comparison with other « cross-platform » technologies
  • Presentation of Xamarin
  • Presentation of basic iOS concepts
  • Xcode integration
  • Native concept: outlet, action, ViewController, etc.
  • Navigation
  • Using storyboards
  • Build an iOS basic app
  • Basic Android concepts
  • Native Layout using XML
  • Native concept: activity, intention, service, etc.
  • Navigation
  • Build a basic Android app
  • How to create a list using iOS and Android
  • ListView / UITableView
  • Build a list using iOS and Android
  • Best strategy to optimize code sharing between iOS and Android
  • Shared project; PCL ; MVVM
  • Create lists in iOS and Android while sharing code
  • Network communication, managing data (XML, Json)
  • Personalized control for iOS and Android
  • Local data and SQLite usage
  • Xamarin Forms
  • How to deploy your apps on AppStores and Google Play
  • Best practice in developing
Mobile developers and programmers.
Knowledge of  C# language (Technologia Course MN201).
Mobile development training paths
3 days
1 300 $


*Unless stated otherwise, all sessions are in French.