Innovation and incubation

A winning recipe for helping businesses drive innovation through technology

Apcurium invests in researching and developing the most innovative technologies to provide our clients with market-leading mobile solutions that enrich the lives of users and create business value.

How do we drive business innovation?

Through partnership involvement!

  • We jointly invest with our partners in new technologies that accelerate app development
  • We develop tools and underlying technologies whose incorporation into customer projects dramatically reduces development costs
  • We help funded start-ups deliver on their promise
  • We transform our experimentation with technology into real-life and usable deliverables
  • We provide development expertise and technical execution resources

The Innovation Lab Focus

We concentrate our efforts on anything mobile. We have substantial experience working with a range of technologies and have a proven track record in developing apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone with a focus on the user experience. Our team has also identified a number of tools, techniques, and processes that ensures the development of a great app and having a successful launch.

How the innovation Lab can help you

Unique mobile strategy roadmap discovery (plotting a course)

Structure your projects into bite-sized chunks for maximum agility

Identify and overcome business challenges

Work with internal teams to align overall strategy

What we do in the innovation lab

Play and experiment

We’re not just a mobile app development company. We love to innovate and push boundaries and disrupt. We constantly experiment with different mobility technologies and innovations, and play with new devices to see how we can add features to apps. Sometimes we just do it for kicks and other times, we seek out better performing elements for some of our more elaborate projects.

A few innovative technologies we have toyed with:

Flic is a small wireless button that you can stick anywhere

Wireless lighting system

Tiny beacons to create rich mobile experiences

Credit Card payment infrastructure


Figuring out how to apply the results of play into usable projects


Coming up with an equitable revenue sharing model that allows us to invest our time/people/know-how/etc into a project.

Competition in the application landscape has raised the bar for app performance and retention.

Source : Catalyst

Apcurium’s Incubator Lab launched the following great projects


TimeOn was designed to enable businesses to improve their data collection accuracy required to accelerate billing cycles. By providing employees with a Smartphone app that simplifies expense and approval entries, they increase data entry therefore adding business value and improving operations.


Specialized trading card eCommerce platform, tailored to casual and professional collectors. Kronozio offers the fastest card scanning and personal online management system. The solution includes connectivity to eBay, as well as integrated payment processing.


VinGo enables you to keep track of all the wines you have in your collection or capture all the details of a wine you just tasted wherever you may be. This app makes it easy to capture and store all of this data and share it. With VinGo, you can access the databases of the most prominent alcohol retailers in Canada (SAQ, LCBO, BC).

Project Cost Mobile

Project Cost Mobile is a mobile app that allows employees or users of Microsoft Dynamics GP to enter, track, and submit their timesheets and expense reports via their smartphones.


ADEPT was designed by app developers for app developers to manage and automate the complex process of distributing and maintaining a single code base through almost limitless permutations and combinations. Apcurium’s App Distribution & Evaluation Publishing Tool (ADEPT) simplifies and streamlines your mobile app configuration and deployment challenges.

The Courrier App

The Courrier App enables users to schedule a pick-up and deliver it at a convenient time right from their smartphone. Users’s can also authorize drivers to make payments on their behalf.

Got a great idea but need a partner?

Let’s get started on your innovation journey and turn it into reality!