Finding the right mobile development partner for your company

Following 5 years of experience developing apps for clients across diverse industries, I’d like to share my thoughts on finding the “right” mobile development partner and why it’s more important than ever.

While saving several hundreds or even thousands of dollars by building and hiring an in-house team might seem compelling at first, that approach has serious risks; recruiting and retaining qualified mobile app developers is harder than you think. Other challenges include making sure it will work with a broad combination of devices and mobile platforms, supporting future updates, intuitive user experiences, and much more. With the right partner, you will maximize revenues for your app business and they will add value in more ways than just development.

Let’s get started with a list of what to look for in an app development partner to make sure you’re selecting a highly-skilled company that will help you deliver amazing apps and outstanding experiences that will be developed on budget and launched on time.

A few tips to choose a mobile app outsourcing team:

  • Assess their interest in a partnership
  • Find a partner in your country
  • Compare the benefits of a Company vs. a Freelancer
  • Evaluate their portfolio
  • Check their references
  • Ask about their approach, project planning & process
  • Make sure you know the value of the app and the right price point

A mobile developer interested in your business, not just the work
A good partnership starts with genuine interest in mutual success. They should be able to do the following: guide you through the app development process and provide creative input based on their experience. A good developer will know what functionalities users expect and are successful on the app store.

Look for a mobile developer with a presence in your country
This may sound obvious, but it can be a deal breaker. Doing business with a company located in your region and shares the same culture as yours will help avoid communication gaps. Can you imagine having a partner in a different time-zone and having no one to speak to at normal hours of the day for a project?

Compare the benefits of a Company vs. a Freelance mobile developer
Freelancers have a lot of talent, but mobile apps require multiple skill sets therefore I would hire an app development company over a mobile app developer.

Diverse abilities and skills are necessary to develop exceptional apps in every major platform–whether iOS, Android, or even Windows Phone. You want to find a team with certified mobile experts instead of web developers, along with highly-skilled analysts and user experience (UX) designers.

Assess their portfolio
Past experience will help you assess their commitment to quality, creativity and expertise. A good developer must also have excellent UI/UX skills. Try out their apps. Spend a couple days with your end-user hat on and invest enough time to form an educated evaluation about their quality.

Check their references
Contact client references and get feedback about the company, how they work, how satisfied they are with the process, the final product and the success of the app. When talking to their clients, ask if the company was fast to develop their app and solve problems, and how quickly they responded to their change requests. Any partner worth its mettle will diligently embrace the fact that business moves and needs evolve all the time.

Ask about their approach, project planning & process
Look for a developer who will explain their process, from laying out a roadmap for an app product right through to its lifecycle. You don’t want someone to abandon ship once the initial development is done and your app is hosted.

Don’t stumble on price
If you want a dependable, long-term partnership, don’t select a development partner based on a price alone. You want great products, not the cheapest products. Too often, clients go for the lowest cost option that turns out to be more expensive in the long run, because of unplanned requirements or unforeseen issues.

With due diligence and a careful selection process, you will significantly increase the probability of a successful and a prosperous business relationship.

Apcurium is always open to develop good business partnerships! Contact us!

Arthur Axelrad
VP, Business development

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