Assessing the new business opportunity of mobile apps

Do you want to grow your agency business and expand into new areas servicing your clients?

What should you think about before committing to a growth strategy?

And how can offering mobile app development help you drive business growth?

In this article, I will explore:

  1. The power of mobile apps in today’s marketplace
  2. The payback for an agency

So let’s get started.

The power of mobile apps in today’s marketplace

Mobile trends are changing the way companies do business. With an ever increasing number of mobile users who have access to the internet from a smartphone or a tablet, new strategies are now required to meet customer’s expectations and retain their loyalty. Mobile solutions can offer enormous benefits to your client’s organization and will help you get a bigger share of wallet while strengthening your competitive advantage.

Companies that use mobile apps to engage with their customers or with their employees are recognized as market leaders, in synch with the times and successful at growing their business while increasing profitability.

People are becoming more loyal to brands that use technology in new ways to make their lives easier. The companies that succeed at creating experiences that people want and can no longer live without, will leap ahead of their competition.

Companies that execute a Mobile-first strategy well have completely redefined expectations related to mobile – they have changed our mindset in a way where immediacy and seamlessness is anticipated. New apps are expected to provide an Uber-like amazing experience. As marketers, we must offer what consumers demand of their mobile experiences to be successful.

The payback for your agency

Many agencies and marketing firms develop solid relationships with their clients and maintain them for years. Giving customers what they need sometimes means extending beyond the agency’s existing skillset. The challenge for the agency leadership is to successfully develop and offer these services, even if that means getting out of their comfort zone.

Providing complementary services to the agency’s core business offers the ability to create an integrated marketing experience for clients, controlling their brand, deepening their loyalty and getting a bigger share of wallet. If the service requires new resources and new skillsets, there are a few options available.

The option that I believe provides the best value to clients is a partnership between an agency and a mobile expert. The agency keeps control of the client relationship and the lead on the project while delivering high quality deliverables expected by their customers. This will remove the expense, headache, diversion, stress and risk associated to hiring, training and retaining resources to develop mobile apps.

It’s important to point out that many agencies who do web development assume they have the expertise to create native or hybrid mobile apps. However, we’ve seen that the reality is unfortunately very different. Our team has been called upon to rescue many mobile app projects that run into technology challenges or need some hands-on assistance. Our certified developers can provide help in overcoming technical hurdles or eliminate unsatisfactory deliverables.

There is a big difference between mobile and web development, with mobile being far more aligned to software development than website development. It takes a very different approach and mindset to succeed.

Why offer mobile solutions

Mobile apps have become a very powerful marketing tool.  An app designed for marketing provides an opportunity to build demand for products or services. As users continue to increase their use of apps, this will pull users away from desktops. As technology continues to mature and the Internet of Things connects everything to everything, mobile devices will become dominant and so will mobile apps.

It’s time for you to make the leap!

Arthur Axelrad
VP, Business Development

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